Kid Tigerz was created to teach young kids core concepts of the martial arts. The three we focus on are respect, Discipline, and Self-Control. We take an age appropriate approach, to set the foundation to build positive character traits that will last a life time. A good balance of structure and fun; encouragement and expectations, set the children up for a healthy experience in our program. It is never to early to teach these concepts and values. We have created a unique belt system to help our students to become goal-oriented. Achieving our “Tiger Stripe” belts, also boosts self-esteem and self-image. The drills and games we do in our program help develop balance, hand/eye coordination, reaction time, and gross and fine motor skills. Our highly trained team of instructor’s first priority is to connect with our students and their families. We provide the best early martial arts program in the area, and seek to provide quality over all else.

COVID UPDATE: We are now offering a multitiered options to fit each families needs. Check out the detail for each level on our registration page. With all the uncertainty that we are all facing right now, we are offering free registration and as always we are a month to month program so you don’t have to commit for any length of time. If you are participating in a class at your preschool and they close for any period of time, you can continue training through our online Zoom classes or weekly social distance classes at North Star.

We Offer Weekly

  • Classes in preschools
  • Monthly training packets to enhance your in class and at home training
  • In person social distance classes at North Star
  • Interactive Zoom classes
  • Unlimited access to online at home training videos